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Which HVAC System Is Right For You?

With time, your heating and cooling system may start to break down. You may notice higher utility bills and frequent repairs, which may be prompting you to consider replacing your old heating and cooling unit. In most cases, consumers begin their search for heating and cooling with some research and quickly realize there are many options to choose from. Where do you start?

In addition to providing better air quality, today’s heating and cooling units have been made more energy-efficient and cost-effective. The most popular heating and cooling systems are listed below to help you get started.

Split Heating and Cooling System

The majority of homes have a split heating and cooling system. This system has several names, including central heating and cooling and home comfort heating and cooling.

Popular for many reasons, this unit is a traditional system. For starters, we can install this almost anywhere. The indoor unit, the outdoor unit, the thermostat, the ductwork, and any air quality components all work together to ensure that every room of the house is at a comfortable temperature. In addition to being easy to maintain, this type of heating and air conditioning unit is also cost-effective.

Heating & Cooling Packaged Units

When you don’t have room for the split components, a packaged unit may be the most suitable option for you. This space-saving heating and cooling unit can be assembled and contains all necessary elements into one cabinet or unit.

Geothermal Heating & Cooling System

Geothermal heating and cooling units are gaining attention, especially for their greener footprint. With some research, it’s easy to see why. Geothermal heating and cooling systems are one of the most efficient ways to climatize your home. They use a small fraction of the energy, as well. They’re also well-known for having a longer lifespan and require less maintenance and repair. These environmentally friendly geothermal units are especially suitable for new construction homes and businesses.

Geothermal systems are also very flexible. Some units can heat your water, possibly providing radiant floor heating, as well. Your geothermal system can even be extended to heat your pool!

Ductless/Mini-Split Heating & Cooling System

Is ductless heating and cooling right for you? Some homeowners and businesses choose to use mini-split or ductless heating and cooling systems for several reasons. It is not necessary to install an extensive network of ductwork to provide heating and cooling.

These units are also effective for keeping everyone in your home comfortable. If someone in your family prefers the room to be extremely cold or hot, it can be a constant struggle with traditional heating and cooling systems. With a ductless system, each room with a Ductless/Mini-Split unit can be individually managed for maximum comfort.

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