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What Do I Do if My HVAC System Breaks Down Over the Holidays?

You can almost expect your HVAC system to encounter a problem or two throughout its lifetime. However, when your system crashes while you have the family over for the holidays, you find yourself scrambling to keep warm and figure out an alternative.

Getting a system back to working order during the busy time of year the holidays fall can seem both expensive and time-consuming. Check out the rest to learn from the experts how to safely and quickly get the heat circulating back through your home so you can get back to your favorite festivities.

Tips for troubleshooting

Before you panic about how you’re going to keep the heat going, use some of our troubleshooting tips to try and figure out if the problem can be an easy fix and prevent further ones.

  • Check that the HVAC system is plugged in and the circuit breaker isn’t tripped

  • Check to make sure that the thermostat has power and fresh batteries

  • Change the thermostat a few degrees to see if the temperature changes

  • Ensure the fan on the thermostat is switched on and the air registers are open.

It’s just as important to be proactive in the maintenance of your HVAC system, which is why at ACS, we recommend having your unit scheduled for a tune-up twice a year, once for a/c and once for heat. This way, any potential problems down the road could be caught early enough to be prevented entirely.

Call ACS

We recommend that you try troubleshooting your system before scheduling a technician to come and take a look, as you can, most of the time, fix the problem yourself and save yourself a few bucks in the long run. For anything that seems unsafe or doesn’t look like something you can handle yourself, give us a call, and we will do our best to get a technician out and to your home as quickly as possible. Here at ACS, we offer after-hour services starting at $150/hr. After-hour services are available 24/7, meaning we always have a technician available to be dispatched to a service location at any time, holidays, weekends, and the middle of the night included. If you find yourself suddenly without a working unit, call ACS, and we will get you and your home feeling comfortable in no time!