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Reasons To Use a Programmable Thermostat

People have their reasons for choosing certain things over others, and the reasons people choose programmable thermostats will have you reconsider your options too. Check out our list of reasons to install a programmable thermostat in your home.

It saves you money

Some might think it would cost more to have them, but in reality, programmable thermostats can quickly compensate for their cost and even save you money by adapting to your routine and energy needs.


Programmable thermostats allow you to set your temperature preferences for your HVAC system to sync up and be more compatible with your routine and daily life. No more wasting money to heat a home you aren’t in, and no more saving that money only to come home, and it’s freezing.


Programmable thermostats can maintain a constant temperature, as was previously set to pair with your daily routine.


The cost of energy for HVAC systems isn’t cheap, and raising the thermostat temperature by as little as 1 or 2 degrees can raise the cost of your utilities. Normal thermostats can have a variance in their temperature readings up to 5 degrees, whereas programmable thermostats vary within half a degree.


Programmable thermostats provide your already existing HVAC system with a way to prolong its life cycle; as we know, nothing lasts forever. Through all seasons and climates, it will utilize resources more effectively, and when you need a new unit, pairing it with a programmable thermostat will extend the already long life of your new HVAC system.

Reduces zoning costs

Zoning systems are used to divide your home into sections to effectively distribute the temperature-controlled air evenly throughout the house. Pairing this system with a programmable thermostat makes controlling the temperature of each zone that much easier and more cost-friendly.

Provides alerts

Some programmable thermostats have a feature that sends you alerts to check on certain parts of your system, such as an air filter. The alerts signal that something needs to be inspected by a licensed technician, ultimately catching the issue before it gets worse.

Control anywhere

Some people opt for the programmable thermostat with WIFI, or a “smart” thermostat, because they can adjust the temperature from their phone or computer, even when they aren’t home.

“Lock” settings

Programmable thermostats have a feature that allows you to set preferences, or “lock,” the settings on the thermostat to prevent someone from messing with your system and driving up your utility bill.

If some of the reasons listed above have you considering a programmable thermostat for your unit, give us a call or fill out the form on our website to request an appointment with one of our sales technicians.