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Prepping Your HVAC System for Severe Weather

In today’s day and age, severe weather warnings can mean anything from a few rain showers, wind, and slight flooding, to a category 5 hurricane. So when the weather forecast calls for severe weather and suggests battening down the hatches, it’d be best to take their warnings seriously. When it comes to your HVAC system, you should be thinking about what you could do in the meantime to reduce the problems down the road.

Cover it

The first thing anyone would do to protect their HVAC system would be to cover the unit with a tarp or structure. This will limit the amount of moisture and water that interacts with parts it’s not supposed to, as well as protect the unit from any airborne debris that could cause more damage. It’s just as important to be aware of any outdoor furniture or other items that could also cause damage to the unit and safely secure them.

Use a Surge Protector

Indoor units have the luxury of being protected from the elements and wind during a severe storm but will run into other problems. A common and preventable mistake is not using a surge protector for your HVAC system. Surge protectors divert some of the electricity away from something when a surge of that energy is supposed to occur.

Turn it off

If you think you can live without your HVAC system for a little while, then another great precaution to take is to turn it off. This will remove the possibility of the unit being internally or mechanically damaged by a storm surge. As long as you don’t lose power you should be able to turn it on once the weather clears up, but if you can’t turn it back on, call a service technician to take a look for you.

Have it Serviced

Having your system checked by a licensed professional regularly will ensure that it’s running at the highest efficiency possible. At ACS, our technicians are trained to diagnose and repair those problems as quickly as possible to get you back to your ideal comfort level. If the forecast has severe weather coming into Berks, Schuylkill, Lancaster, or the surrounding areas, make sure to call us and we’ll get the job done.