HVAC/R Specialists Serving Reading & Berks County

Considering Commercial HVAC?

HVAC systems are not just concerns for the average homeowner but also for business owners. At ACS, we offer commercial refrigeration and exhaust ventilation services to a wide range of businesses, venues, and arenas in and around Berks, Schuylkill, and Lancaster counties.

Commercial refrigeration and exhaust ventilation have a different process than residential, as there may be multiple units to install and maneuver versus one. A commercial installation will start like other inquiries by calling our office for a quote or filling out the form on our website. From there, our dispatcher will work with you and our technicians to schedule a time to evaluate the work that needs to be done. This would also be an excellent time to inquire about our service agreement options and ask about our recommendations for HVAC systems.

Upon completion of that scheduled quote estimate, our technician or experienced salesman will return to the office to finalize and confirm the job specifications and cost. The quote will then be sent back to you, the customer, to determine for yourself if we are the right fit going forward. If we are, you will be asked to submit a deposit to our sales department and our dispatcher will work with you to schedule the installation while our technician moves forward with ordering units or special parts. Be aware that larger commercial jobs may require multiple technicians and more than one day scheduled for the installation, but that would be something discussed once you receive the quote from a technician.

Once everything is installed or replaced, we conduct a final inspection to confirm that all aspects of the service call are complete and without error. During this time, we will conduct a final invoice on any outstanding or unpaid balances for the service or installation. We encourage our customers to call us again if they are having trouble with their commercial units and for regularly scheduled tune-ups and inspections.