Other Products & Services We Offer

Our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning specialists at Advanced Comfort Specialists offer many other products and services to fit your comfort needs at home or at your place of business. WE DON'T JUST DO HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING!

istock_humidifierHumidifiers make dry air more comfortable by boosting your indoor humidity level. They help to relieve the adverse effects of dry wintry air, alleviate common cold symptoms and certain respiratory illnesses, and boost your overall comfort. Typically, the humidity level or the amount of water vapor in the air drops during the colder months because cold air cannot hold as much moisture as warm air. Even when we crank up our thermostats that moisture content does not get replaced. A humidifier forces moisture into your indoor air in the form of an invisible mist. Using a humidifier regularly helps you create a healthier and more comfortable space during the cold months or year-round.

istock_aircleanerAir Cleaners and Sanitizers can be installed as a solution for many different household problems.

The UV system will offer relief for household bacteria and germs from pets and the common cold and flu and will eliminate odors from cooking, pets and other airborne elements.

The Media filter system will offer relief from airborne particles such as pollen and dust mites.

The Electronic Air filter system will eliminate dust mites and particles and also pollen by electronically zapping them virtually eliminating them.

img-5Ductless Mini Split Systems: Heating and cooling systems are highly efficient and can be an ideal heating and cooling solution for your home or business. Ductless split systems utilize heat pump technology to distribute warm or cool air more quietly and efficiently than electric furnaces, baseboards, and wall heaters. The outdoor unit is installed outside your home at ground level and the indoor unit is mounted on a centrally located wall inside your home. The settings can be easily controlled by using the remote control that comes with your unit.
istock_waterheaterWater heaters: Your water heater is an essential appliance in your home. About 15% of the energy you use in your home is for heating your water. Since such a large portion of your energy usage is from your water heater, it is important to select a heater that is energy efficient. The typical tank water heater will last about 10 to 13 years. When replacing your water heater, it's important to choose an efficient model. Operating costs with gas are typically about 50 percent lower than with electric and savings will vary depending on fuel costs and unit efficiency. Different type water heaters include 80% efficiency which would vent into your chimney. 92% efficiency which vent directly outside of your home and then you have the tankless hot water heater which produce an endless amount of hot water only when you need it eliminating the need to continuously heat water in a tank that has already been heated and is 96% efficient.
istock_exhaustfanExhaust Fans systems provide a number of benefits, including the purifying of air from pollution when used with proper filtration system and remove excessive heat from your home. Exhaust fans are used to keep air moving in your home or business which will help you feel cooler on those days where it is not hot enough outside for air conditioning and you would like to draw cooler air from outside and exhaust hot air out this process is called free cooling. You can also install exhaust fans in the attic space of your home to remove heat which will assist your air conditioning system in cooling your home.

Dehumidifiers: Having moisture problems in the basement of your home?? Yes we can even solve this problem for you. Advanced Comfort Specialists can install a dehumidification system that will get rid of the moisture in your basement and help get rid of the musty odor. Whole house dehumidifiers can also assist the air conditioning in your home so that it can cool your house more efficiently.

iStock_fireplaceFireplaces: Advanced Comfort Specialists also can perform a complete cleaning and adjustment to you gas fireplace. We also offer repair service for most fireplaces
heaterSpace & warehousing heating units are used in many different applications from heating your garage to heating up a warehouse or even your pole barn. We offer sales on new units that use different fuels like natural gas,oil or propane. We also service all different brand units.

zoning01Zoning Systems: Finishing your basement and would like to heat or cool that area separate from the rest of your home or perhaps putting an addition on your home? Advanced Comfort Specialists can help you heat and cool those different rooms in your home or business with our zoning systems.

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